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A Custom-Crafted, Fully Integrated Approach

Successful programs must follow six sequential steps: Justification, Planning, Installation, Training, Implementation and Sustainability. It all begins with a Planning Implementation Workshop.

We understand that no two districts are alike. This is no cookie cutter approach. We guide you through every step of the way with our time-proven methodology. We don’t cut into teacher time nor do we use up your PD days during the startup phases. We understand you have a school to run. It’s a totally seamless process.

Budgets That Won't Break The Bank

The maker space room you see on this page was totally renovated from bare walls to final result including wall graphics, all new furniture and technical equipment with materials for under $35K.

If any vendor says a program can’t be done unless you have $100K to spend.. don’t believe them. Your school can do this. You simply need an advisor you can trust. We are that resource.

Learn how it works.
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